What is Life?

May 17, 2021

The question of what Life is, and how it occurred to begin with, is beyond the scope of science.

Article by LifeSiteNews

What is life? 

The biggest problem with any effort to explain the origins of Life, is that no one understands what Life is.   

Life is not merely intrinsic and essential biological existence only: it is not mere matter.   

It is consciousness, a state of being entailing awareness – if even at a most primitive level. 

It is the real which transcends the corporeal. 

The cells of a strand of hair are not aware; amoeba, are. 

The fallen leaf is not sensible; the hemoglobin coursing through a squirrel’s veins, is. 

Moreover, while Man certainly can clinically duplicate the essential facts, events and conditions that permit and sustain Life, he cannot transform that prepared set of organic substance and primed conditions to actual living state.  There is some energy, some reality, here at work, which transcends the purely corporeal world. Perhaps something…. spiritual. 

So: if we can not even say with any understanding what Life ishow can we be so arrogant as to claim we know how it began?   

The question of what Life is, and how it occurred to begin with, is beyond the scope of science.  Therefore, any scientist who claims to know makes a theological claim based on religious beliefs, not scientific knowledge. 

In the final analysis, any person who claims to know – scientifically – how and when life occurred, is a fraud, because any “explanation” of those things is purely religious and must be accepted on faith.

Here is a perfect example of how we rely upon both science and faith to attain a lucid understanding of the important questions: biology can certainly explain satisfactorily how living organisms behave, but it requires faith to assert why it exists at all.  So, if Darwin claimed to explain the origins and teleology of Life, he offered a religious doctrine, not a scientific theory.   

The origin of Life – in that life transcends the purely corporeal – remains a mystery to science. It is beyond the scope of empirical study; it is the realm of theology.

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