Some Vaccines Contain Cancer Cells

December 19, 2020

US FDA allows the use adult of human tumor cells and cancerous human fetal cells in vaccines, despite acknowledging the risks that vaccine recipients might later develop cancer.

In a recent article, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. – founder, chairman of the board, and chief legal counsel for “Children’s Health Defense” – explaines how human cancer cells got into vaccines: in a 2012 meeting, the FDA-VRBPAC (Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee is the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s internal panel that licenses new vaccines as “safe and effective”) voted to allow the use of adult human tumor cells and human fetal cells in vaccines, despite acknowledging the many risks, including that vaccine recipients might later develop cancer.

According to company documents, some new covid vaccines are manufactured in the human fetal cell line PER-C6, and thus the final vaccine products will contain cellular debris and DNA fragments from these cells. Researchers harvested these cell lines from the eyeball of an 18-week-old human fetus aborted in 1985, and then rendered them immortal by making them cancerous. Other new covid vaccines, Kennedy states, “are manufactured in the human fetal cell line HEK293, and thus the final vaccine products will contain cellular debris and DNA fragments from the fetal HEK-293 cell line. Scientists harvested this cell line from the kidney of a female Dutch fetus legally aborted in 1973 and then immortalized the cells by rendering them cancerous.”

“Normal primary cells,” he says, “which are unable to replicate indefinitely, ultimately die. Immortalized cell lines are derived from known malignant cancer cells such as those obtained from Henrietta Lacks (HeLa) or created in the laboratory by introducing viral oncogenes or chemical exposures capable of mutating normal primary cells into immortal tumor cells.”

According to an FDA’s sheet dated Nov. 29, 1999, for two decades the agency has been acutely aware of the inherent risks of using immortalized cell lines for vaccine development. Moreover, the FDA-CBER (Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research) Director Dr. Peter Patriarca, M.D. declared that continuous cell lines are used for their ability to self-propagate, making them an ideal substrate on which to grow viruses, “the worst thing we are concerned about is …  malignancy, because some of these continuous cells have the potential for growing tumors in laboratory animals. … This dire “black box” conundrum that Patriarca described in 1999”, Kennedy states, “is even more acute today with the urgent pressure to develop covid vaccines before manufacturers have tested them in animals or subjected them to long-term safety studies.”

“The first use of human fetal cells in vaccines occurred around 60 years ago, but the practice is increasingly popular. It was always controversial. Immunologists long considered using cells from aborted human fetuses in vaccines to be a high-risk gambit; human DNA debris is much more likely to infiltrate cells in vaccinated individuals than insect or monkey DNA. … FDA has never made any effort to test the safety of this practice or to determine whether the epidemic of soft-tissue cancers in “vaccine-generation” children is related to the use of cancerous fetal cells in vaccines.”

“Even worse,” he continues, “in 2002, FDA green-lighted vaccine companies to use cancerous tumor cells from adults in vaccines. … In 2012, most live virus vaccines were from animal tissue and the idea of putting potentially cancerous tumor cells from adult “donors” in vaccines was still a daring and audacious gamble. That September (2012) the FDA-VRBPAC committee met to discuss this risky innovation. The transcript of that meeting is proof of reckless criminal conduct. In that transcript you will read for yourself how the “independent,” “gold standard” panelists entrusted with protecting your children made monumentally consequential decisions, not on evidence-based science, but by rolling the dice and taking what they knew was a horrendously risky bet on public health. In any other realm, this transcript would be proof of negligent homicide. We are all lab rats in their high-risk population-wide experiment. At FDA’s vaccine division, that sort of reckless decision-making is routine.”

“The damning safety studies, …, and the severe (life-threatening) allergic reactions that bedeviled the (covid) vaccine’s rollout, have raised red flags and public anxiety about the safety of the companies’ mRNA vaccines. … In order to help you make your own conclusion about how reliably VRBPAC will protect your health, I excerpt below the transcripts from the cavalier, ignorant and astonishingly unethical deliberations during the 2012 FDA-VRBPAC meeting where panelists voted unanimously to allow use of human tumor cells in vaccines. I urge you to read and make up your own mind whether you want to place your health – and perhaps your life – in the hands of these reckless charlatans and irresponsible clowns.”

Full Article by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.