Messenger-RNA Vaccines May Cause Irreversible Genetic Damages

December 20, 2020

Recent m-RNA vaccines intervene directly in human beings’ genetic DNA material and may cause irreversible and irreparable genetic damages in the human body and in its abilty to create vital proteins.

Messenger-RNA vaccines, or mRNA vaccines, consist of a series of vaccines which interfere directly with human beings’ genetic DNA material, altering its ability to create the proteins the human body needs to live and thrive.

1. Vaccines on the market usually inject – in addition to other substances and materials – inactivated organisms, such as pathogenic bacteria or viruses, into a human body to make the human immune system to recognize one threat (or more threats) and start by itself to produce antibodies in order to protect itself. Antibodies are Y-shaped proteins which identify and neutralize the unique molecule of a pathogen entering the human body.

2. Messenger-RNA is a molecule of RNA that is present in the human cells (one of the three types of RNA present in the human body) and contains instructions for cells to create proteins the body needs, antibodies included. Human cells are also equipped with ribosomes, which “read” mRNA instructions and “translates” the pure genetic DNA information of a cell into appropriate proteins.

3. Yet, recent mRNA vaccines, instead of injecting inactivated organisms, involve injecting a sequence of genetic RNA material that was made in a lab into the human body. This “alien” mRNA instruction deployes into the human body, invades the human cells and assumes control of their protein-generating ribosomes to produce just one viral protein, even in the absence of covid viruses. Messenger-RNA vaccines, thus, trigger the human immune system to begin a non-stop defensive pathogen-specific response, turning de facto the human body’s immune system against the body itself – instead of protecting it against pathogens.

Risks of genetic damage and genetic defects, which can’t be removed from the human body, involved in mRNA vaccines may include autoimmune conditions, systemic inflammatory response, severe organ damage, disruption of critical body’s functions such as cell repair, fertility and neurological function. Moreover, the side effects of mRNA vaccines may take months or years to become apparent.

Mary Holland, vice chair and general counsel for “Children’s Health Defense”, has recently declared: “New vaccine technology will likely mean new kinds of vaccine injuries. Because there’s never been a licensed mRNA vaccine before, we really don’t know what injuries are going to look like. In that the vaccines were developed so quickly, with such short clinical trials, the long-term injuries are a complete unknown.”