Dolphins, Solar Storms and Earth’s Magnetic Field

March 20, 2021

Hundreds of dolphins and whales are winding up dead on different shores across the world. Experts speculate that intense solar activity and Earth’s weakening magnetic field contribute to these deaths.

Article by StrangeSounds

Hundreds of dolphins and whales are winding up dead on different shores across the Planet. Experts are investigating the cause of death, but there is speculation that intense solar activity and Earth’s weakening magnetic field likely contribute to these deaths.

During February a huge number of dolphins and whales were found dead in different locations: 86 dolphins were found dead in Bazaruto Island in Mozambique, and a huge number of whales were found dead in Indonesia and New Zealand.

In Indonesia at least 52 among dozens of short-finned pilot whales died after getting stranded on a beach in East Java province.

In New Zealand a pod of 49 long-finned pilot whales were found grounded on a shore in Farewell Spit: authorities quickly came to the rescue but failed to save 9 of them. Hundreds of whales previously got stranded on the same shore and died. It’s still unclear why the cetaceans end up there so frequently. Some experts believe that that beach might be creating a shallow seabed that interferes with the whales’ “built-in navigation system”.

Solar storms and Earth’s weakening magnetic field are also being linked by experts to these die-offs. Cetaceans like dolphins and whales are known to rely on their “magnetic sense” for navigation, but intense solar activity may disrupt their navigation mechanisms.

Solar storms such as “coronal mass ejections” send powerful streams of charged particles that can reach Earth and cause a disturbance to its magnetic field (the invisible shield protecting the Planet from cosmic rays). This disturbance is also called a geomagnetic storm and is responsible for “aurora borealis” (or “northern lights”), colorful displays of light that are seen in the North and South Poles.

During February, auroras have been reported in the Northern Sky, potentially indicating that solar activity is more intense than usual. A “coronal mass ejection” solar storm can also knock out the power grid, disrupt navigation systems and satellites. Additionally, animals that rely on the magnetic field for navigation may be affected.

Earth’s magnetic field might have also contributed to the cetaceans die-offs because it seems to be growing weaker recently. According to scientists weak regions in the Earth’s magnetic field are a sign that it is about to flip, where the magnetic north pole and magnetic south pole switch places.

If the Earth’s magnetic field reverses, it will get considerably weaker and allow higher levels of charged particles and ionizing radiation to reach the ground. This can cause the same problems associated with solar storms, such as blackouts and disrupted navigation, and may interfere with cetaceans “magnetic sense” for navigation, and disrupt their “navigation mechanisms”.

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