Defending Children

November 10, 2021

Christians must be courageous in defending children against propaganda. God-inspired courage is becoming an increasingly relevant personal asset.

Article by LifeSiteNews

The Widow’s Mite is one of those Gospel stories with a deeper meaning we tend to miss. As told in the twelfth chapter of Mark, Jesus draws the attention of his disciples to a poor widow who’s just given all the money she has (which isn’t much) as a gift to the Temple. Our Lord notes the relative value which her two small coins had to her, compared with the much larger gifts offered by worshippers with far greater personal wealth. 

The point we usually take from this tale is how generous the widow is. That’s true, of course, and certainly to her credit. But the real lesson – one which we should contemplate more fully – is that her generosity is a reflection of her trust in God. 

This is one courageous lady. By giving away the contents of her purse, meager as it might be, she is truly stepping out on faith, trusting that God will provide. 

Courage is a gift of the Holy Spirit. It’s the ability to live in trust that our lives are in God’s hands. It’s the confidence that, whether we face good or ill, we are safe in His love. 

God-inspired courage is becoming an increasingly relevant personal asset. The changes that have taken place in our country during the pandemic make it imperative that we be prepared to act on that confidence when conditions demand. 

What we’ve always assumed to be basic rights have been seriously eroded. The issue of vaccine mandates is only the most visible area in which the assault on personal autonomy is taking place. At any time we could be called upon to defend ourselves, our families, or our beliefs.  

Challenges can come from unexpected sources and under the most mundane circumstances. … …

Stories of people having to walk away from seemingly secure jobs are becoming all too common. 

The Church faces similar pressures as an institution. Having to suspend Masses, limit attendance, cancel parish events, and all the other intrusions we’ve endured over the last 19 months bring into sharp focus the need for taking certain stands, for speaking out, for drawing moral lines. … …

Will the Church raise objections? … Is there anything we feel compelled, as a community, to say about such harmful nonsense? 

Would anything we say even matter these days? 

Today we’re awash in stupid immorality. But we’re also confronted by serious challenges that diminish freedom, threaten livelihoods, and rob us of our human dignity. … …

We must find the courage to trust in God – and in that trust to take what stands we’re called upon to take.

If we can’t do that, we’re failing in our discipleship. We’re phony Christians. 

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