Climate Change as a Cause of Disease and Death

December 6, 2021

A Canadian doctor diagnosed “climate change” as a reason for his patient’s worsening health. The doctor made that diagnosis even though the patient had pre-existing health issues, and lived in a trailer with no air conditioning during a summer heatwave made worse by forest fires. 

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A Canadian doctor has diagnosed “climate change” as a reason for his patient’s worsening health. The doctor made the bizarre diagnosis even though the patient, who had pre-existing health issues, lived in a trailer with no air conditioning during a summer heatwave made worse by forest fires. …

Dr. Kyle Merritt, who works as the head of the Kootenay Lake Hospital’s Emergency Room in Nelson, British Columbia, (B.C.), said a woman in her 70’s who has diabetes and “some heart failure” was “really struggling to stay hydrated” during a heatwave which affected some parts of British Columbia in June. There was also poor air quality in the area caused by forest fires. Nevertheless, Merritt wrote on his patient’s chart that her health got worse because of “climate change.”  

“If we’re not looking at the underlying cause, and we’re just treating the symptoms,” then “we’re just going to keep falling further and further behind.” … Merritt said that his hospital was very busy in June with patients suffering from breathing issues due to thick smoke caused by intense summer forest fires. The summer 2021 heatwave in B.C. was a cause of the deaths of hundreds of people, many of whom were elderly living in residences with no air conditioning. Indeed, thousands in B.C. took to the shelter of hotels with air-conditioned rooms to escape the heatwave. Also, the government itself put many people in shelters with cooling rooms.  

Merritt blames the oil and gas industry for alleged changing weather patterns. He was one among 40 nurses and doctors who rallied outside Nelson’s city hall in early November to call on the provincial government to declare an “ecological emergency” and end all subsidies to the fossil fuel industry …   

Wildfires in Canada are not uncommon. Every year, according to Natural Resources Canada, there are on average around 8,000 of them. Looking at Natural Resources Canada data from the Canadian National Fire Database, for the past 33 years, there has been a steady decline in wildfires since a peak of over 12,000 in 1989. In 2019, there were around 4,000 wildfires reported.  

LifeSiteNews’s co-founder and managing director Steve Jalsevac has written extensively on the climate change movement, writing that there is much evidence that it is “the latest and largest-ever-in-history scheme by globalist elites to impose a secularist, anti-life and anti-family New World Order with world governance and removal of all national borders.” “It would ultimately destroy most of the traditional rights and freedoms and sovereignty of individual nations that have been won at great cost in the past,” wrote Jalsevac. …

The news that a doctor has tried to blame “climate change” as a cause for his patients suffering comes at the same time Canada’s Prime Minister is openly calling to destroy Canada’s oil and gas sector. … At the United Nations’ COP26 “climate change” conference last week, Prime Minister … pledged to destroy Canada’s oil and gas sector, in effect, which would cost thousands their jobs and negatively impact millions of Canadians. … The Canadian Prime Minister then said that this is no small “task for a major oil and gas producing country” but that it’s “a big step that’s absolutely necessary.” Former Canadian Conservative Prime Minister … told … that the “way some things are being handled today,” where parts of the country are “singled out in ways that others aren’t – I think is really inexcusable” … then said that he does not see this “happening in other parts of the world.” …

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Down under in Australia, a similar agenda is being pushed to have climate change added as an official cause of death to death certificates. Dr. Arnagretta Hunter (physician and cardiologist) from The Australian National University (ANU) Medical School claims that climate change is “a killer,” but that it is not properly acknowledged on death certificates. “There is a second component on a death certificate which allows for pre-existing conditions and other factors,” Hunter insists.

This climate cult movement aims to pathologize its delusions onto patients, blaming whatever sicknesses they come down with on fossil fuels and a lack of climate taxes. The irony is that those pushing it seem to suffer from their own mental illnesses, which appear to be caused by climate hysteria.

While there is certainly something to be said for highly polluting chemical agriculture, a tainted food supply and other environmental pollution causing people to become ill, it is delusional to call these things “climate change.”

It is even more deranged to claim that changing climate patterns, which happen constantly, are somehow being caused by people driving their cars, eating meat or voting Republican. B.C.’s “heat dome” had nothing to do with cow flatulence or combustion engines, and yet that is what these people think is the cause of unusual weather extremes, which have been occurring since the beginning of time. …

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